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Remote Support

What are the benefits of using EasyPCs remote support?

Using remote support we can start fixing your computer issues instantly. As soon as you download and run our remote support
program, we can connect and remote control your pc.

In many cases we can completely diagnose and fully repair your software problems and network problems via remote support,
which will save time – we will not need to travel out to you. It will also save you money – we don’t charge a call-out fee for remote
support. You only pay for the time needed for the work to be completed.

What computer problems can be fixed by remote access?

  • Removing Viruses
  • Removing unused/unwanted software
  • Installing, reinstalling and upgrading software
  • Creating new email accounts
  • Running data backup
  • Configuring your network

How much does remote support cost?

Remote support sessions are charged at £10 + VAT per 15 minute block.
Most repairs can be completed in one 15 minute block.

How do I start a remote session?

Download our remote support software here: DOWNLOAD SUPPORT

You may have to click ‘Yes’ to the ‘Do you allow’ window that appears.

When running you will be given a partner ID and password.

Please call us on 01305 300200, to let one of our technicians instigate a remote session.