Dorset IT offers a whole range of equipment repair

Desktop PC Repairs
Graphics, PSU, Optical drive, motherboard, memory, hard disk, rebuild, upgrade

Laptop PC
Broken screen, DC socket, hinges & plastics, keyboard, memory, optical drive, hard disk, upgrade, PSU

iPad 2,3,4,mini & Air
Screen, digitizer, PSU

Operating System
Recovery, backup, reinstalling & updating your operating system

Data Recovery
Low cost recovery of data from a failing hard drive, accidently deleted files, corrupt USB drives & flash cards, if we do not recover any data there is NO FEE

Virus Removal
EasyPCs use the latest techniques to remove
Malware, Adware & Viruses

All Dorset IT Repairs are Guaranteed

You can be confident your equiptment will be in safe hands and can be fixed by us professionally every time.

If your equiptment however is not viable for repair, too old or not worth its value we will not charge you anything.

We will only charge a diagnostic fee if you stop us doing the repair after a quotation is given. If you change your mind and have the repair done within 30 days of the diagnosis we will refund that fee in full.